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5 - 15%

Dynamic Sell Tax

Welcome to ARMSTRONG ERC-20 with deflationary, strong LP token feature

Inspired by Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, we aim to build a strong community by addressing some of the most common concerns of tokens launched these days: thin liquidity, no marketing, stagnant token value, can't list in CEXs due to not being a 0/0 tax token. See our TOKENOMICS below to find out how we have addressed these.

CA: 0x95e54566c0a2e3c205c54a7fea64ca84d81c8c96


One Giant Leap for Mankind - that is what Neil Armstrong has been known for many decades. We are following his footsteps & making One Giant Leap for CryptoMankind via our key features :)

Stealth Launch

No presale and no tokens reserved for the team. Everyone including the team bought after launch when max 0.5% wallet amount had been set as anti-whale measure.

100% Safe with Auto LP Burns

Liquidity has been locked for 2 months initially. And with 80% of the sell taxes going for AUTOMATIC LP add and burn, the burned LP % will take over the locked LP %.

Anti-Jeet Dynamic Sell Tax

Those who immediately sell on Day 1 are taxed at the maximum rate of 15%. Day 2 sellers at 10% rate. And if you hold for more than 2 days, at 5%. Additionally, 20% of sell taxes goes for marketing which ensures the team will have funds to promote the project.

0/0 Tax Token Goal

The team has thought for sustainability of this project for long-term and wrote an ability in the contract to TURN OFF all buy and sell taxes, making Armstrong a 0/0 tax token for CEXs listing.


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1st month

Stealth launch, LP locked, renounced, website and dashboard app launch

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Q3 2023

50% Token supply burn via Auto-LP add/burn, Marketing and promotions

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Q3-Q4 2023

Conversion to 0/0 Tax Token, Partnerships

0/0 Tax Token Conversion starting in:

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